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… to mold words into inspiring ideas that prompt people toward enriched living

...husband of Judi, father of Karla and Jason, and Papa to Judah, Abel, Oliver, Stella, Josephine, and [#6]. Writes books and articles on life, worship & church music, Christian ministry, and personal finance. Has worked as a church musician, pastor, and professor.

Credible Witness

There was an article in this morning’s Kansas City Star by Associated Press writer Gillian Flaccus on the purchase of the Crystal Cathedral by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange. One supporter of Robert Schuller […]

Jul, 07 · in Church

Why What We Sing about God Matters

The psalmist David looked at the night sky, pondered the finger play of the Creator, and marveled at the majesty and glory of God. David’s contemplation continued as he considered his insignificance compared with the […]

Christian Witness in a Postmodern World

In the 1960s I assisted with an outreach survey organized by the local ministerial association.  The survey assumed most people had prior church involvement. In the 1970s the secular university campus ministry I attended used […]

Mar, 21

Psalm 139 (paraphrased)

Psalm 139: For anyone living with a two-year-old. Of Papa.  A psalm.  O LORD, you have given me a two-year-old who knows everything I do. He knows when I sit and when I rise; He […]

Jan, 22

Charles Wesley: Word Craftsman

Haldor listened to the young woman singing on the street corner on a July evening in 1906.  Her song about a mother who grieved over a wayward son reminded Haldor of his own mother who […]

Jul, 20

The Ancient-Future Generation

I came of age in the 1960s and smile at the memory of bell-bottom pants and paisley print shirts. Other memories, however, don’t prompt a grin. Some described the social upheaval of the era as […]

Mar, 11

True Worship

She screeched the high notes, but we paid little attention to the voice because we were listening to the song. Friends of ours met Tammy at a Billy Graham crusade. As they got to know […]

May, 11

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