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Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.

— Anton Chekhov

The World’s First and Only “Closed Loop System”

Yesterday, Judi and I had lunch with Oliver, Stella, and Miles. Noticeably absent from the table was the “kit” Oliver has carried with him since being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) seven years ago. […]

Sep, 11 · in Family

Sheep and Wolves

My pastoral friend suggested we meet for lunch. As we sat down in the restaurant, the conversation turned to businesses that make short-term loans at exorbitant interest rates. He went on to tell me about […]

Sep, 08 · in Personal Finance

1.25 Million

In the half-bath on the main floor of our house we have a bright red, plastic case in the overjohn. It’s a little smaller than a pencil box. The prescription label reads, “Glucagon Emergency Kit” […]

Aug, 28

Wonderfully Made

From outward appearances, Oliver is a typical nine-year-old. He plays hard. He avoids household chores. He laughs at Papa’s jokes (when they are chuckle-worthy). But inside his body a war is going on. Type 1 […]

Aug, 23

T1D Markers

Miles, our youngest grandchild, begins school this week — full-day pre-K. A few days ago, his older siblings cheered energetically when I asked if they were ready for the school year to begin. They like […]

Aug, 14


Yesterday was pure bliss for a nine-year-old baseball fan. Oliver and Karla had tickets for a Royals game a couple of months ago, the annual son/mother outing with friends from school. But that game rained-out […]

Aug, 07

T1D Surprises

My nine-year-old grandson sat in church today eating fruit snacks. He had to. Just moments before he checked his glucose level: 69. At one point last Sunday morning I looked over and he was punching […]

Jul, 30

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