Keith Schwanz

It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else.

— Erma Bombeck

Personal Finance

Sheep and Wolves

My pastoral friend suggested we meet for lunch. As we sat down in the restaurant, the conversation turned to businesses that make short-term loans at exorbitant interest rates. He went on to tell me about […]

Sep, 08

The Risk in Using Financial Metaphors

We pour metaphors into everyday conversations, often without awareness that we do so. A grandmother laughs as her “little monkey” climbs the play castle at the park. Of course, she does not believe her progeny […]

Jul, 02

Cognitive Aging and Money Mangement

I had arrived in Portland on the last flight of the day. The next morning I went to see my father in the care facility in which he was living. I found him asleep in […]

May, 07

Incremental Steps

Someone has said that when it comes to health, the first 50 years are a gift. After that you have to earn it. According to my last doctor’s visit, I’m late in showing up for […]

Mar, 07

Savings Rate and Retirement

About 20 years ago, my wife and I decided to spend our two-week vacation remodeling the kitchen and dining room. We started the first thing Monday morning by hauling out the appliances and removing the […]

Jan, 07

Ready for the Surprise — an Emergency Fund

The man gave me two options: I could give him a plane ticket to San Francisco, or I could buy him a car. Pick one, he said. He had a job with a roofing company […]

Nov, 07

Livelihood and Ministry

I did not know him well, but after being a peer in seminary classes I knew enough of his story to be intrigued. He came to the city from a rural area. He was a […]

Sep, 07


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