Keith Schwanz

What I like in a good author is not what he says, but what he whispers.

— Logan Pearsall Smith

Congregational Song

Why What We Sing about God Matters

The psalmist David looked at the night sky, pondered the finger play of the Creator, and marveled at the majesty and glory of God. David’s contemplation continued as he considered his insignificance compared with the […]

Jan, 11

Charles Wesley: Word Craftsman

Haldor listened to the young woman singing on the street corner on a July evening in 1906.  Her song about a mother who grieved over a wayward son reminded Haldor of his own mother who […]

Jul, 20

Hymn Story of the Month

In 1998—1999 I had a series of articles published in The Preacher’s Magazine that provided one hymn story per month for the entire year.  The setting for each story includes the month or season in […]

Jun, 27


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