Keith Schwanz

Live out of your imagination, not your history.

— Stephen Covey


Why What We Sing about God Matters

The psalmist David looked at the night sky, pondered the finger play of the Creator, and marveled at the majesty and glory of God. David’s contemplation continued as he considered his insignificance compared with the […]

Jan, 11

True Worship

She screeched the high notes, but we paid little attention to the voice because we were listening to the song. Friends of ours met Tammy at a Billy Graham crusade. As they got to know […]

May, 11

Drinking from the Well, Part 3

I thought that I’d go on to other topics when I finished “Drinking from the Well, Part 2,” but in his comment on Part 2 Mike King asked about my reflection on the Eucharist at […]

May, 13

Drinking from the Well, Part 2

Here we go with Part 2 of my reflections of a Sunday at Jacob’s Well. The Word section of the worship time was my favorite.  It had depth and clearly connected with life in 2006.  […]

May, 11

Drinking from the Well, Part 1

After many months of saying, “Someday we’ll go to Jacob’s Well,” we finally made it on Sunday. We’ve lived in Kansas City for five years, but had never been to the Westport neighborhood where Jacob’s […]

May, 09


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