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A rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it, bearing within him the image of a cathedral.

— Antoine de Saint-Exupery

The Risk in Using Financial Metaphors

We pour metaphors into everyday conversations, often without awareness that we do so. A grandmother laughs as her “little monkey” climbs the play castle at the park. Of course, she does not believe her progeny […]

Jul, 02 · in Personal Finance

Cognitive Aging and Money Mangement

I had arrived in Portland on the last flight of the day. The next morning I went to see my father in the care facility in which he was living. I found him asleep in […]

May, 07 · in Personal Finance

Incremental Steps

Someone has said that when it comes to health, the first 50 years are a gift. After that you have to earn it. According to my last doctor’s visit, I’m late in showing up for […]

Mar, 07

Stronger than Snot

I’ve heard the phrase “stronger than snot” a few times; maybe even used it myself on occasion. This afternoon, for the first time, I fully understand that term. I was out for my daily walk. […]

Jan, 29

“I’m Sorry”

The telephone call came from the director of a counseling center I had met a few weeks before. A mainline congregation sponsored the center; she called me specifically because I served as an evangelical pastor. […]

Jan, 24

Non-anxious Presence

The pastoral counseling course my wife teaches to graduate students uses as a text Edwin Friedman’s book GENERATION TO GENERATION: FAMILY PROCESS IN CHURCH AND SYNAGOGUE. Friedman talks about clergy being a “non-anxious presence” when […]

Jan, 18

Winter Stillness

In May 1980, we lived in Olympia, Washington. Mt. Saint Helens violently blew its top on the 18th and scattered devastation over a wide swath of the Pacific Northwest. One week later, Sunday the 25th, […]

Jan, 16

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